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10 Australia and Oceania PR Directories Submission Sites List

Top 10 Australia and Oceania PR Directories Submission Sites List

List of 2017 Australia and Oceania PR Directories Submission Sites

Papua New Guinea Information
South Pacific Web Guide Directory
Tasmania Online



50+ Asian High PR Directories Submission Sites List

50+ Asian High PR Directories Submission Sites List

A list of Asian Education niche specific web directories and related websites for submission. This regional directory listings mainly relates to Asian and its countries, states, provinces, regions or cities.

Afghan Webs
Alcarna Search Engine
Armenian Directory
Azerbaijan Search
Bangladesh Directory
Index Bahrain
Index Kuwait
Index Qatar
India Tour Planner
Lanka Link
Maldives Web Directory
Middle East Directory
Middle-East Pages
Nepal Forum
Nepal Search
News On Japan
Pick of India
Saja Search
Search Europe
SG Findouter
Sri Lanka Explorer
Syria Online
Tanikalang Ginto
The Emirates Network (TEN)
The Singapore Directory
UAE Web Directory
Velki Bangladesh Search Engine
Web Bangladesh



25 African High PR Directories Submission Sites List

25 African High PR Directories Submission Sites List

A list of African Education niche specific web directories and related websites for submission. This regional directory listings mainly relates to African and its countries, states, provinces, regions or cities.

Africa South of the Sahara
Algeria Links
Cabo Verde 24
Ghana Related Websites
iciLome: Le Portail togolais par excellence!
L’Annuaire de Lanto & Seheno – Annuaire de Madagascar
la-vague.net – l’annuaire Internet de l’ocean Indien
Middle-East Pages
Nigeria Galleria
Search ZA
Swaziland Websites
Tanzania startpage for East Africa
West Africa Directory



Submit Your Website To 100+ Search engines and Directories

Submit Your Website To 100+ Search engines and Directories

Submit your site to a huge network of search engines.

Over 3.5 million people worldwide have used the These Free Search Engine websites and Directories to submit their sites to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Search Engine or Directory Submit Site NO
1st Web Directory
365 Days Traffic Search Engine & Web Directory
A Free Directory
A List Directory
A Web Directory
A1 Directory
Absolute Directory
Add Link
Add Your Site Free Submit Link Directory
All Business Directory
All The Websites Directory
Arakne Links
Bee Directory
BIG Directory
Black Dahlia Internet Directory
Business Listing
Business Seek
buzz nick
Directory Global
Directory of Websites
Directory One
Directory Rank
Directory Storm
Discover Directory
Dramba Directory
Earth Directory
eCommerce Directory
Elegant Directory
Explode Search
EZWeb-Tools Free SEO Friendly Directory
Fabaroo Collection
Free Advertising Directory
Free Web Directory
Free Website Directory
Fyber Search
General Web Directory
Get In Search Engines
Get More Backlinks
Global Business List
Good PR Directory
Groovy Banana
Hedir Web Directory
HOTLAVA Web Directory
Inetzeal Directory
InfoListings Directory
iollo Directory
King of the Web
Klottra Internation Business Directory
Lambs Free Link Directory
Land of Links
Mars Directory
MathuKiya Directory
Monkey Directory
Next Directory
On A Mission
Open Directory Project
Primo Directory
Quick Trusty Directory
Red Links
Scrub The Web
SEO Links Directory
Sighber Café
Site Link Central
Sites On Display
Starting Point
Submit URL Here Web Directory
Sun Directory
The 100 Lists
The Alphabet Directory
The Commerce Dir
The Ickle Directory
The Little Web Directory
The Search Brain
The SEO King
URL Shack
UUIQ Directory
W8 Search
Walhello Internet Search
Web Hot Link General Web Directory
Web Site Directory
Web World Index
Web’s Biggest
Websites Promotion Directory
World’s Biggest Directory
World-Click Directory
WoW Website Directory
Wujek Drut Web Directory
Xland Web Directory



Increase Website Traffic Fast, With these 10 Tricks

Increase Website Traffic Fast, With these 10 Tricks

If you’re reading this, you probably have a website. If you have a website, chances are you have search engine optimization (SEO) questions — namely, what does it takes to improve your site’s visibility with major search engines? You’re not alone. After all, it can be a confusing, acronym-laden world out there.

Title Tag,

Your title tag (also called the Meta title tag) is just what it sounds like — a quick, at-a-glance summary of what people can expect from your website’s page. You want the contents of your title tag to be spot-on because it displays in three important places: in the browser’s title bar, in the browser’s tab title bar, and as the title of your listing in search engine results.

Your title tag should contain the main keywords for the page, with the primary keyword listed first in the tag. The earlier in the tag your keywords display, the better. All told, keep the maximum length of your keyword tag fewer than 65 characters.

Need help finding the right keywords to target on your page? Use Search Engine Visibility’s keyword generator to pinpoint keywords and check out search trends for your selection.

Description Tag,

The description tag (also called the Meta description tag) contains information most search engines display below your website link in the results list. Its main purpose is to provide an accurate description so people know what your site is about. Your description should entice people to select your site from all the sites returned, so make sure the content is both interesting and informative.

Every page in your website needs a unique description tag that contains the keywords for the page. Be sure to keep your descriptions less than 250 characters, and avoid non-alphanumeric characters (stick to letters and numbers).

H1 Header Tag,

Each page of your website should include one (and only one) H1 header tag to tell visitors what the page is about. Your H1 tag should be brief — no longer than a short sentence — and include the page’s most important keywords. Make sure the content for your H1 tag is unique for every page in your website. The text in your H1 tag displays in your page header, but it does not display with your site in search results.

We recommend that your title and H1 tags for the same page differ slightly, but still get the same idea across. Search engines won’t penalize your site’s SEO if they’re exactly the same. It can actually be beneficial if they’re different.

NOTE: If you’re using a content management system such as WordPress®, Joomla!®, or Drupal®, check to see if your title and H1 tags are the same by default and, if so, change that setting.

Rich Snippets,

Rich Snippets are small pieces of code that are added to your website HTML that tell search engines to display your search results with extra details included.

Rich snippets can drive traffic to your site, since it gives users a better idea of what they can find there. Using rich snippets helps increase click-through rates and decreases bounces, since users are exposed to results relevant to their search.

To give users the best experience on your site, it’s important that your rich snippets accurately reflect your page content.

To use rich snippets, just add some basic information to your existing HTML.

Local Business rich snippets include the business address and phone number making it easy for customers to find them.

Ratings rich snippets display the aggregate star rating of products sold or shown on your site.

Authorship rich snippets include a photograph of the author pulled from their Google+ profile and a link to other articles written by them.

Events rich snippets include the details for your event like times, dates, and location.

Video rich snippets include a thumbnail for the video and allows the person searching to view it from the search results page.

Page Content,

The content on your website’s pages — the visitor-facing text — plays an important role in search engine optimization. Search engines might use snippets of text from your page if it doesn’t contain a description tag, or in some situations the search engine might display page content that is more relevant to a user’s search. See How Search Engines Use It for an example. In addition to being well-written and informative, your content should also:

* Use page keywords often
* Be updated frequently (at least once every few weeks)
* Include between 300 and 700 words
* Contain original material that isn’t duplicated across multiple pages
* Avoid long blocks of text (1-4 sentences per paragraph, ideally)
* Favor shorter sentences (10 words or fewer)
* Incorporate both bulleted (unordered) and numbered (ordered) lists, where appropriate

Also, it’s always a good idea to check your text’s spelling and grammar.


Navigation involves both external links to other websites and internal links to other pages within your site. Making your navigation SEO friendly ensures that search engine spiders will scan all of your pages. If a search engine can’t find a particular page, no matter how optimized the page is, it won’t be listed by search engines.

Search engines can’t read Flash® or JavaScript® navigation, so avoid using it. Also, many search engines won’t crawl more than 150 links on a particular page.

Always format your anchor tags correctly and try to use keywords in your anchor text when possible.

Site Map,

A site map is a file that lists all the URLs in your website (for pages, files, images and everything else) that search engines use as a map for crawling your site. Your site map should live in the root or top-level directory for your website’s files, so the URL for it might look something like this: http://www.searchenginehome.com/sitemap.xml.

You can create your site map using a variety of formats, such as XML, HTML or RSS. Depending on the format you use, you can include a few details (meta data) with each URL, such as the last modified date, the change frequency, or the priority.

For more information, see sitemaps.org.

Keyword Density,

Keyword density refers to the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a Web page compared to the total number of words on the page. For example, if a keyword occurs 12 times on a Web page with 400 words, the keyword density is 3 percent. While search engines don’t necessarily use keyword density as a ranking factor, you can use it to make sure that you’re incorporating keywords into your Web page content. Keywords in your content is an indication that your Web page is relevant to people’s Web searches.

The best practice is to incorporate your keywords and variations on those keywords (i.e., “dome tent,” “dome,” “tent,”) as many times as you would naturally in your content. If you’re writing quality content that people want to read, this should happen without much effort.


A robots.txt file tells search engines which pages, directories, or file types in your site to avoid scanning. You really only need a robots.txt file if your site contains stuff you don’t want search engines to index, or if you want to block specific search engines.

Your robots.txt file should live in the root or top-level directory for your website’s files. Because your robots.txt is a public file, take care not to include any private or proprietary information in it.

Image Tag,

Both search engines and people value web pages that use a combination of images and text, since it’s seen as a sign of quality, engaging content. The image tag is an important way to improve that value through search engine optimization, since it helps search engines understand your images. That’s right, your textual content isn’t the only information that search engines use to evalute your site.

If you use the image tag effectively, your images can show up in image search results and in blended search results that show images, news, places, and web pages on a single page.

To get the most SEO mileage out of your images, it’s important to include keywords in yoru image filename, alt attributes, and title attributes. Doing so helps your images rank in image searches and can also help that page rank for keywords.

Image Filename
Use a logical filename. Search engines can’t tell much about your images from the filenames if they’re simply numbered or use some other non-specific naming format. Filenames should describe the image and use keywords. For example, if you sell tents, naming a file tent5473.jpg is not helpful, since you probably sell many tents. Include more information, such as: two-person-dome-tent-green-P5473.jpg.

Alt Attributes
Always add the ALT attribute to the IMG tag; it’s the more important image attribute to search engines. Adding the ALT attribute provies search engines with more information about what the image is and helps that image and page rank for particular keywords.

Title Attributes
The title attribute can provide important information to users, since many browsers display it as a tooltip on mouseover. Be sure to include an accurate title for your image and include keywords for this attribute.


How to Create High PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4, Quality Backlinks

create High PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4, Quality Backlinks

Google assigns a “Page Rank” to web pages based on their perceived authority. This authority comes from links pointing to those pages, from other pages that have PR. Simply put, the higher the PR links, the higher the PR the page will become.

Therefore getting a PR6 backlink theoretically means the page receiving the backlink could become a PR4 or PR5 link.

It is not directly related to ranking or traffic, however. Having a high PR doesn’t mean you’ll rank #1 in Google. It simply indicates Google’s “trust” in the site.

A big “however” though. 

Google has two forms of PR – the one they show to the general public (often referred to as “desktop PR”), and the one they use internally.

The public version (that we all see) hasn’t been updated since December 2013, and likely won’t be updated ever again. This means this metric is outdated, as things have changed (in terms of PR) for most sites of consequence over the last 1.5 years.

What this means is that a page that may have been a PR6 in December 2013 may have actually dropped to being a PR0 now, but as Google isn’t updating PR, we’ll never know this.

Does that mean higher traffic to a website? 
As mentioned above, having a high PR link doesn’t directly/necessarily mean more traffic to a site.

Having links to a site does help a site rank. The more it ranks, the more traffic it can potentially get.

In a roundabout way it can mean more traffic to a site, but there are a lot of (other) factors involved as well.

Is it permanent back links?
How permanent links are depends on the owner of the site the link is from.

They may decide to remove the link a week or a month after you’ve got it. Or they may get tired of running their site and let it expire when the domain registration runs out. Or they may forget to pay for their site’s hosting, and the server goes down.

Or they may let the link stay for years. Completely depends on the person/business you are dealing with.

TOP 10 Backlink Sources

10. list.ly you can create a list of interest from links.

9. Iissuu.com you can create a presentation then place a link going back to you.

8. cheaperseeker.com for this, there are a TON of others you can use as well.

7. Photopeach.com you can create a slideshow that has a clickable link in it, sending the juice to your website.

6. deviantart to upload a bit of Art then do what you need to do to get that power.

5. BitBucket

4. livefyre.com and this beast has a DA of 86!

3. Dropshots.

2. Splashthat is one I’m using right now and it has a DA of 67.

  1. Imfaceplate.com one of my favourite sites to get a branded or generic backlink from.


How To Track organic traffic and your website inbound links

Track organic traffic and your website inbound links

If you are taking the time to create, publish and promote content to build backlinks, it’s smart to measure your progress.

Add website analytics to your website. You can spend cash on an analytics solution such as Adobe Web Analytics, but as a small business I would recommend using Google Analytics, which is free. Install the analytics tracking on every page of your website. You can check your analytics weekly, but once a month is just fine. Google Analytics will show you how an individual page is performing and which channels are driving traffic to that page (i.e. organic search, social media, web referrals etc.).

To track your website backlinks I suggest using MajesticOpenSiteExplorer or Ahrefs. You will be able to get some data for free, but it is worth paying for these services if your goal is to build backlinks to your website.

This is not going to be an overnight project. You might not see dazzling results after six months. This is a marathon, so keep at this for at least 12 months and I promise you will see fantastic growth in backlinks and web traffic from organic search, social media and web referrals. Also, this is a form of backlink generation that will never be punished by the search engines like paying for links, or engaging in link farms.

Now go forth and broadcast your knowledge — and reap the benefits of your labor.

ALSO CHECK: How to Get Google to Index Your New Website In One day

Top SEO Ranking Factors and Social Media

Top SEO Ranking Factors and Social Media

I observed traffic and rankings to my personal SEO blog after penguin 4.0 update I have got extreme changes.

Here are the techniques I have applied in 2017 to my BlogSpot blog.

  1. Monthly updating blog posts
  2.   Content optimization (internal linking for long tail keywords)
  3. Sharing post on social media sites Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Linkedin.

Suggestions to get good traffic and ranking to your website in search results.


On Page Checklist & Techniques

  1. Add your website in Google webmaster tools and register Google analytics
  2. Proper redirects (Make sure your website URL’s everything with www)
  3. Update XML Sitemaps for Images and videos.
  4. Update robots.txt
  5. Write Meta tags for all pages (Title and description only)
  6. Write H1 and ALT tags
  7. Put schema code for your website official logo.
  8. Update internal linking to your unique and quality content
  9. Check and fix broken links
  10. Create custom 404 pages
  1. Apply authorship (Authorship is still working only a rich snippet is not shown in search results don’t trust rumours)
  2. Update Major social profiles on website homepage fb, twitter, tumblr, linkedin, pinterest, G plus, youtube etc
  3. Update phone number and contact details everything on the homepage.
  4. Update new blog posts frequently and add social sharing buttons to each blog post
  5. Check and improve your website page speed
  6. Make your website in responsive design

Find more successful SEO ranking factors for 2017.

Off page Checklist & Techniques

  1. Local listings and local directories
  2. High authority social bookmarking submissions
  3. Video marketing (concentrate only on youtube only, leave other video sites)
  4. Article posts per month 4 articles (post in ezinezrticles)
  5. PDF submissions (scribd, slideshare, podcast, docstoc etc.)
  6. Guest post (choose local and high authority relevant sites only)

 Social Media Marketing, Optimization and Networking

  1. Update frequent posts (in every 2hours) in top social networks
  2. Update per day 2 different posts about your website
  3. Update per day many posts other information which is relevant to your industry
  4. Share and like other information (ex: your followers or member’s posts)
  5. Create groups, lists, communities and add members and share knowledge to users.


Link building is not spam. Still it was working; build high authority quality relevant natural links. Hope the above techniques will help to you. Please give your suggestions if I am missing anything. All the best.


20 Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Mistake #1: Excessive Humility

Being humble is fine if you are a monk or teacher but it is a definite no-no if
you are in sales. At the end of the day Internet Marketing is all about sales,
and great sales people are not humble. Perhaps you are one of those
people who don’t really like to announce to the world that you are the best
or that your product is number one and think that the product will sell on its
own merits. Well, you need to find someone to be your cheerleader.
As someone who owns their own company they need to live and breathe
their product. They need to be their own best advocates or their product
apostles. Marketing is all about self-promotion and promoting yourself is
the heart of internet marketing.
Now that we have the right attitude we can look at different ways of self
promotion later in this article. The average customer might not even know
about your product so aggressive marketing is all about telling everyone
about yourself.

Mistake #2: Having no vision and mission

Most big companies have a mission and vision statement. It clearly states
the goal of the company, for example this one from Apple Computers
“Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to
students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the
world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.”
Apple’s innovations such as the IPhone and IPAD make use of this
particular statement as the driving force behind their success.
No you probably think your small company isn’t nearly the size of Apple.
You have to remember that even Apple was just an operation in Steve
Job’s garage at some point in time. So best to start things right by making a
strong mission and vision statement.. You need to have a strong foundation
in order to grow.
You probably asking how this helps with your online strategy and
marketing, well if you got the right vision than it sets the right foundation
that you can build around, if you don’t have this you will have a very hard
time fixing the next 18 mistakes.

Mistake #3: The Pay Wall

What is a pay wall? Well it is when you can’t access content unless you

pay. An example of this is the Financial Times, they give you a short
preview of the article and if you want to continue reading it you will have to
pay an amount for access to the website. Now, a company like the financial
times can get away with that kind of marketing can but an average internet
start-up can’t. This kind of strategy will really slow down the adoption of
your product and technology and only really works with already established
and powerful brands.
A better strategy would be to allow limited access. Some companies like
Google’s Gmail and Facebook use add revenue and sell targeted
advertising. The gist of the message is that people are used to everything
on the internet being free or at least partly free and doing the whole pay
before you try will not work unless your brand is already established.
So take a look at your customer acquisition strategy, and how you are
currently positioned in the market. Take a look at your revenue streams
and see if you really do make a lot of money from subscriptions or what
not. The Pay Wall might be preventing you from getting more people to
adopt your product and because of this you are not able to take off and
attain the critical mass needed to succeed.

Mistake #4: Not understanding SEO

What is SEO? SEO is search engine optimization a crazy arms race
between the website owner and the search engine algorithms. The SEO’s
goal is to ensure that you come out on top in the search field of your
particular key word. Problem is that the algorithm is also adapting to make
sure you cannot take advantage of any loop-holes. So should you just
ignore the whole problem? Not care about SEO at all?
That would be a disaster! SEO is all about optimizing your website. So how
will the SEO benefit you? The SEO will optimize your website so that when
the search engine web crawlers come along and search your website they
will do so on a perfectly optimized site. Gone are the days that you could
use a 250 page article and the magic of SEO to bump up your website to
the number one hit on a particular keyword. These days it all about content,
so you could actually say content is king!
You also need to understand and utilize keywords. This touches back on
mistake number 1. If you don’t tell people about them won’t know about
your product. However it’s important on how you tell people about it and
that is where the SEO is able to help you.
So consider this, how much more traffic can you generate if you are the
number one hit on your chosen key word. Googling something is almost
second nature and the average person will only take a look at the first
couple of links. So not investing in a SEO person is a mistake, if you can’t
afford one consider becoming one yourself.

Mistake #5: Not blogging about your business

“Well I already have a website so why do I need to blog about my product?”
Blogs are an extension of someone’s influence on-line. Some blogs can
make and break products because of their reviews. Some blogs like Perez
Hilton and Huffington Post have made internet celebrities out of their
creators. So do not discount the power of the blog.
When someone is looking for what’s in and what’s not in fashion they read
the fashion blog. When people want to know where the new hot destination
is they read a travel blog. If they want to see what the hottest new mobile
phone is they read a tech blog. In fact, they probably look at your website
first than when they see a product they like they look at the blogs to see the
So you need to get your voice heard, you need to be the advocate and
push the message you want out to everyone. My product is here and one of
the best platforms to do that is through your blog. In the blog you can
become one of the influencers out there.
However make sure you do a few things first, make sure that your blog is
hosted on the same site as your domain. That way they know it is an official
blog. If you are blogging about a certain niche like technology you cannot
sound like one big advertisement what you need to do is really spend time
writing about things that people want to hear about. You also need to
interact with your bloggers so when they comment make sure that you
respond to them. That means that you need to respond to both negative
and positive comments. Often you will get internet trolls who do nothing but
bash your product on your comments but what you need to realize that it
will be even more damaging than engaging and responding maturely.

Mistake #6: Lacking the personal touch

What is the personal touch? Well have you noticed that Google and
Facebook are now able to target people by very specific criteria? That
means that they can target you by your sex, age, location and even by your
likes and dislikes. This may seem quite creepy but you can use this to your
advantage by targeting your audience at the local level. This is one of the
reasons that spam doesn’t really work, if you try a scatter shot strategy you
might end up damaging the reputation of your website and then the
reputation of your product.
Don’t forget to make sure that you focus on a local search. Which means
that if you have a restaurant in Coral Gables make sure when people
search for restaurants in Coral Gables that your name shows up in the
results? This is especially appropriate if you business is located in the mall.
This means that if you are in the mall that you will benefit from the traffic
and search of the location that you are located in. So what does this mean?
It means that local business can leverage the internet to get their products
act there with a personal touch, so that the locals can find their way there.
Sending out personalized emails or even actually corresponding to
customers can help you build loyalty. Some of the biggest complaints out
there is that in some companies it’s impossible to talk to a real person. So
be that real person and add the personal touch to the company.

Mistake #7: Not being social enough

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google + are all social
networks which are great places to do your marketing. Some people feel
that Social Networks are a waste of company time when they think of social
media they are thinking of ways to block it and increase worker productivity.
What you can do is tap social media to rapidly expand your internet
footprint without spending too much money.
It’s important to invest in good social marketing as they can be a big driver
of traffic to your site. Some of the more savvy companies have started to
even address their customer service concerns on social media sites.
Creating an online community where people who enjoy your product can
come together is also a big win. Creating fan pages, linked in accounts or
even tweeting on a regular basis shows that you are connected to your
clientele and that you are hip and modern company.
The best part about this is it is mostly free, none of the major social media
sites will charge you to create a site even if it is commercial in nature. You
can also build your profile quickly with a minimum of investment and even
use graphics that you have already created for you website. What you
would have to budget is having the social media sites drive traffic to your
fan page or company profile. This is a relatively new development and
something that companies should definitely incorporate into their marketing
One of the downsides is that you need to invest on staff to monitor your
social media as you cannot really just leave it alone like a static website.
On top of that you also need to ensure that your staff is up to date with the
new developments in the company as this where people will often go
looking for news. Consider creating a corporate communications function
and depending on the size of your company make it a department or a
single person.
Often you have to address concerns on the social media sites and it is also
a good place to check on feedback for your company. So learn to use
social media to gauge where you are in the market and what do people
really think about your company.
Social media is one of the hot new trends of 2014 along with mobile
computing so this is not something that you can afford to ignore. So if you
don’t already have a person doing it at least make sure that you read up on
the topic.

Mistake #8: Not cross promoting with other sites

Once you have built up a reputation for yourself or one of your staff has
done it for you than you should really take a look at into cross posting or
guest authoring with another blog with a similar related product. Remember
that your reputation is a resource and that cross pollinating ideas is a good
way to grow your network.
Sites that may not be your direct competitor but is in the same industry
would be a good target. Also review sites or blogs that might be on your
area of expertise might also be a good option. But whatever the case it’s
important that you utilize this opportunity.
One thing that this helps develop is name recognition not only of your
product but also of yourself. So you should always consider your
knowledge as a resource and make sure that you share it with as many
people as possible.
Another benefit is that you can link back to your site which also increases
the relevance and reputation of your site especially if the site that linked to
you is older or more established than your website.
The downside to this is that you actually have to be a pretty good writer
and write about relevant things. So you can’t just pump out a 250 word
article that just summarizes other articles. Most reputable site wouldn’t take
them and those that do will give very little benefit to your marketing
strategy. It might even have a negative effect and should be avoided.

Mistake #9: Not creating customer advocates

There are happy customers and there are customer advocates. Can you
make a customer so happy that they will be an advocate? What is an
advocate? It’s a customer who generates excitement and sales for your
company. This is probably one of the most single important transformations
you can have in a customer, instead of having him just happy you actually
have him out there doing your job for you and pushing your product.
The best way to do this is a testimonial page on your blog or website. It’s a
perfect opportunity for the company to leverage on the good will of the
customers by having them post their good experience on your website.
Even better is that they submit positive reviews on your business on third
party sites. For example, someone is so happy with your product that they
put a 5 star rating on Amazon. What this means is that whoever sees that
becomes curious and might even try your product.
These customer advocates might even create blogs about your products
and create a loyal following. Customers who love your product are the best
ambassadors as they will refer their friends and family to your product. The
most important thing about this is that they are doing this because they are
truly happy about their product and they are doing it for free.
So make sure that you create more customer advocates, as they are free
and there word will really help convince people to visit your site and try your
product. But the question is where all these customer advocates come
from. That means that at one point in time they were all “Newbies”.

Mistake #10: Not paying enough attention to the

Some companies try to cultivate an elitist mentality. Perhaps your company
is selling software and your blog and website are overly technical and can
only be understood by engineers. Elitism is often used as a marketing
strategy because they feel that the masses will follow the elite. Of course
this can work in certain situations especially with the designer fashion
What we need to take a look at is the grass roots growth of your customer
base. Your website should have articles or blogs about introduction to your
product or industry. It’s important that you cultivate and grow your customer
base as that is the only way to really drive traffic and people to your site.
Consider creating “How to” articles so that people interested in things like
programming will end up at your site. After explaining the basics you can
then sell them related products.
Making your site more beginner friendly would be a great help. Even
building a welcoming online community through a message board or forum
would be great. These small steps would help people that might be
intimidated into joining your product community.
It is also important to remember that a lot of these newbies might become
your customer advocates. Developing and maintaining your customers is
important in creating a strong marketing strategy.

Mistake #11: Ignoring the real world

Sometimes you think that you can do everything from behind the computer
screen. I mean it is online marketing right? Well, you cannot ignore the real
world, meaning that you need to also drive traffic to your site using off-line
One of the easiest ways to generate traffic is joining a conference; you can
either be a speaker or even just a participant. However, if you get your
business card in circulation with your web address on it than you have just
generated traffic with people who are specifically interested in your kind of
product. I mean they did attend the same conference as you didn’t they?
Networking and meeting the right people in the industry also help you with
other things like guest blogging that we discussed earlier and forming
strategic partnerships between different people in the same industry. Real
world connections translate into strong connections on-line too.
You can also become a guest writer on print media like a magazine or
newspaper. Just getting your information and links out there will generate
huge traffic especially if you are trying to target a specific market or
geographic location. For example, someone into fitness writes a guest
article on Men’s Health and on this article he can plug his blog. If the article
is well thought out people will look for more.
Even simple flier with your website can generate traffic. As long as you can
get the customer interested in your product leaving the link will lure them
into coming to your site where you can than close the deal.

Mistake #12: Not creating an affiliate network

How does affiliate marketing work? It is an alternative to the regular supply
chain. So the way it works is that for a small business that doesn’t have
access to the bigger markets sacrifice their profit margins and have another
third party sell their products. In other ways think of it as performance
based marketing.
One of the most famous companies able to pull this off is Groupon, they
had one of the best affiliate marketing strategies on the net and contribute
to their explosive growth from 2008 – 2010. So you can totally build your
own affiliate network either through your own website or using a third party
affiliate marketer.
This is an opportunity that you do not miss. This is one of the best ways to
expand if you are cash poor company or newly started.
Another kind of affiliate network you can join is an advertising one. You can
pay commission on any traffic sent to you site that results in sales. The key
thing about affiliate marketing is the low set up cost, since the affiliate is
shouldering most of the marketing cost you are really in a low risk venture.

Mistake #13: Not making the right friends in the
right places

Sometimes people say it is not what you know but who you know. Many
events give you the opportunity to meet the right people in your industry
and build on relationships that might have been started online.
Meeting the right people is especially true in start-up industries. The person
that you had lunch with today could become the next Mark Zuckerberg and
when he does you can tap him as someone you know. Business is a lot
more relationship driven than people realize, a lot deals come from
referrals of people that you worked with or former bosses or clients.
That’s why it is important never to burn bridges, you never know where and
who you will be with in the future. Keeping the right friends and
acquaintances is a huge plus for future business, especially with social
media platforms like Linked in and Facebook allowing you to keep in touch
with these people a lot easier than it would have been in the past.
Knowing the right people might give you the impression that you know the
right people and improve your reputation in the industry. If you are
considered an industry expert than that in itself will increase the traffic of
your website.
You can also end up meeting new employees who can help your company
grow. Networking can help you create a team of great marketing
executives. So consider that not only do you need to know the right people
above you who can pull you up, you also need to know the right people
below you who can push you up.

Mistake #14: Not spreading your opinion enough

People often think that your opinion isn’t worth much but commenting on
blogs can drive traffic on your site. Of course when you comment it needs
to be well thought out, structured, and needs to contribute something to the
discussion. That means you should not say something like wow this is
great take a look at my site. What you need to do is make detailed and
insightful comments that will draw people to read more of your writing. So
when people read the comment they will follow the link and go to your blog
and poof you have a new visitor to your sight.
Also writing opinion pieces in blog or forums would bring attention to you
and your website. Writing well thought out and informed opinion can spark
a debate on a topic where you can weigh in on your opinion. There are
several ways to leverage this into better traffic to your site, one is to pitch a
product that you believe in and also happen to sell. The other is to sell
yourself, as you show your expertise people might hire as one of their
So spend as little as 10 minutes a day making these comments to help
build a reputation and drive more traffic to your site. Even if they don’t
result in sales you will be able to build experience on the subject and
become a subject matter expert.
Once you are a subject matter expert this ties into the next subject which is
Mistake #14.

Mistake #15: Not hanging out in the message

Many people think that people don’t really use message boards anymore
but they can be surprisingly robust and large communities. The first
reaction to a question is to Google the answer. Yes you probably will find a
result but did you know that most of the time the result is the answer to a
question asked in a forum or message board. This is especially important
when the forum is on specific subject that your business is particularly
interested in.
An example of this is someone who loves to play World of War craft a
MMORPG, and often asks questions about how to do this and that on the
game. If you are able to answer his questions he will probably click on the
link to your website or blog where he can than become a potential
customer of our product. The other thing that could happen is that once you
become a recognized subject matter expert than you will be hired to do
consulting gigs.
Start by identifying the forums and message boards where your potential
clients and customers would frequent. You can start by posting interesting
topics or answering some of the questions that get asked on the forum. So
set goals on the amount that you want to post and make sure that you do it
as a consistent strategy to generate leads.
Hanging out in forums is about building your online persona, its not
something that happens overnight. So expect to invest a few weeks to a
months in becoming someone. A few hours a week could produce results
that are disproportionate to the effort so get on that keyboard and start
typing away.

Mistake #16: Having no referral program

When you have a customer who is happy the first thing you have to think
about who does he know that will also enjoy your product. Sometimes the
customer offers to introduce you to his friends and family and boom you
have a customer advocate. Sometimes you need to ask the customer if he
has referrals.
When a customer either receives the product or service he should be give
a questionnaire to fill out and ask is there anyone that they can introduce
you to. This can be sent by email, web form or done through social media.
In most cases if the customer was happy with the service or product he
would be happy to introduce it to his circle of friends and family.
Do you sell a product you feel wouldn’t work with a referral program?
Something like food? Well, the thing is everything works with a referral
program. For example on the restaurant you can say that for every new
customer you bring in you can eat for free. Creativity is the key.
So make sure that happy customers have a system where they can easily
refer new clients to the company. You can even reward them with
incentives but either way referrals are a great way to improve lead flow.

Mistake #17: Not using YouTube

In Hollywood it becomes really popular to create viral campaigns before the
release of a big movie or a in corporate America to launch a new product
through guerilla marketing. One of the key ingredients is using the video
sharing site you-tube. Surprisingly few people realize the potential that you
tube has. You have to remember that Justin Bieber was discovered on
YouTube and many of its videos can reach up to 3 million hits. So why
don’t people use YouTube more often? Most likely because the people
equate video with traditional advertising and well they are on the internet.
Creating a awesome video with something interesting than it could
probably go viral. One of the most famous examples of that is the iPhone,
when videos of the iPhone were leaked onto YouTube the world went
insane and people kept taking a look at it. The video went viral and iPhone
had one of the most successful product launches ever.

Mistake #18: Not going on sale

Notice how people look forward to sales like Black Friday? Or how that
store goes on sale when they open to attract customers. You cannot ignore
that strategy just because you are online. What you need to do is slashing
prices to bring in new customers. Once they like your product than they are
more likely to come back and become customer advocates.
One way to do this is through the group discount site Groupon, where you
can attract new customers who are looking for savings. Now, if for example
you are a restaurant and people try it because the food was discounted but
love the food than they will come back and eat there at regular price. The
discount is just about attracting the initial customer.
Going on-sale also creates a buzz on the online community. When your
product is highly anticipated you slash the price on the first 100 units to
ensure that they fly off the shelves. Remember that sales are not just for
the end of shopping seasons, you can use them to push your products and
help with the exposure of your new products.
It is also important to realize that sites like Living Social and GroupOn can
generate a lot of exposure since a lot people regularly search the site for
best deals. The growth of these websites are good for local business as
now the can get exposure especially if they are new.
Sales are a great way to bring in customers. All you need to do is make
sure you time them right and that you don’t break the bank.

Mistake #19: Having bad customer service

A lot of companies spend all their money on developing the right product.
Yes, having an awesome product and marketing will sell but having terrible
service will almost guarantee that you won’t get repeat customers. Not only
that but each unhappy customer will tell three other potential customers
about their bad experience and make it even harder to expand your market.
Great customer service might even cover up for an average product. You
need to have multi-channel customer service and a thriving online
community with people willing to help. For example, you would need
someone to answer calls, answer emails, answer chats and answer
questions posted on the forum. Covering all these channels is only the
beginning. You now need to ensure that the service is excellent.
If your company cannot afford to have its own in house customer service
center they have several options. Some companies create user driven
forums where the customers help each other, this is great at building a
community but eventually you would need to add more channels to handle
high volume questions. The other is outsourcing, you can do it onshore or
off shore with a myriad of different option available at relatively cheap
As a company your customer service is a reflection of who the company is.
Just by adjusting the company to be more customers centric you should be
able to improve the customer experience and make sure that people come
back for more. Don’t forget one of the biggest costs is acquiring customers.
So once you have customers why lose them?
Customer service is integral to your business. Your sales team can keep
making sales but your customer churn will be really high and they might not
even be unhappy with the product, it is probably your service. That’s why
such a high premium is put on service, and if the customer demands great
service you should step up to the plate and provide it for them.

Mistake #20: Not getting enough publicity

Why is it that people often equate fame to money? It is because they
usually come hand and hand, publicity is easily monetized and as business
owner you should definitely take advantage of this. You can do this using
traditional media, that is TV, Magazines and newspapers or the internet
blogs, websites, and you tube. So what you want is publicity for your
So if you have an awesome product does the press come knocking on the
door? No, that rarely happens you need to work to get publicity on your
products. There was a restaurant with good food, problem was no one was
really familiar with it, it had a bad location and was really new. So they had
a party where they invited all the food bloggers in the area. It was a huge
hit, the bloggers loved it so they posted it on the blog and next came all the
foodies who raved about it some more. Eventually the local press caught
wind and sales sky rocketed. Publicity can help you overcome things like
poor location and it doesn’t always mean you have to spend a load of cash
to get it.
It is much easier to get the attention of local new and press than national
ones so that where you need to focus. Try having an event or sponsoring a
charity that will bring the people out to your place. This also works if you
company is online. Having big shot names pointing links to your site will not
only increase your Google ranking it will also bring in loads of customers.
Don’t forget that you can also get interviewed in the local press or even the
national press. It’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Try
being proactive about it, remember don’t be afraid of rejection nobody ever
became rich without a little rejection.


Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial


If a website will has Good onsite seo optimization than it will be very faster to
getting seo result. Basically for on-page optimization you have something
knowledge of HTML, website designing and development. Below is given
how to do the onsite optimization:-

MetaTitle Tag – Good Title is very important part of a page. Title
should be unique descriptive but not too longer. Not more than 70

Meta Description Tag – Description tag define page description, use
unique and page relevant description. It will show in the search
result. Not more than 200 Character

Meta Keywords Tag – Choose good and high quality keywords that’s
target your business. Try to choose low and medium completion
keywords. You can select keywords through Google Keywords Tool.

Image Optimization – Use Alt Tag for Images.

H1 Tags – Use H1, H2, H3 Tags

URL Optimization – Use keywords in the in urls, like if you are
promoting “SEARCH ENGINE HOME” keyword than url should be
Example: –

Good: – example.com/search-engine-home.html
UGLY: – example.com/P11224547.html
It’s a good way to creating urls.

Content – Write unique and relevant content according the page.
Keyword density and quality of content is very important part for

Broken Link – Remove that page completely that is not on web page
showing not found.

Sitemap – Create a Good XML Sitemap.

Robots File – Use robots.txt file wisely. Robots.txt file use for restrict
the pages crawl on search engine.