How to Create High PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4, Quality Backlinks

create High PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4, Quality Backlinks

Google assigns a “Page Rank” to web pages based on their perceived authority. This authority comes from links pointing to those pages, from other pages that have PR. Simply put, the higher the PR links, the higher the PR the page will become.

Therefore getting a PR6 backlink theoretically means the page receiving the backlink could become a PR4 or PR5 link.

It is not directly related to ranking or traffic, however. Having a high PR doesn’t mean you’ll rank #1 in Google. It simply indicates Google’s “trust” in the site.

A big “however” though. 

Google has two forms of PR – the one they show to the general public (often referred to as “desktop PR”), and the one they use internally.

The public version (that we all see) hasn’t been updated since December 2013, and likely won’t be updated ever again. This means this metric is outdated, as things have changed (in terms of PR) for most sites of consequence over the last 1.5 years.

What this means is that a page that may have been a PR6 in December 2013 may have actually dropped to being a PR0 now, but as Google isn’t updating PR, we’ll never know this.

Does that mean higher traffic to a website? 
As mentioned above, having a high PR link doesn’t directly/necessarily mean more traffic to a site.

Having links to a site does help a site rank. The more it ranks, the more traffic it can potentially get.

In a roundabout way it can mean more traffic to a site, but there are a lot of (other) factors involved as well.

Is it permanent back links?
How permanent links are depends on the owner of the site the link is from.

They may decide to remove the link a week or a month after you’ve got it. Or they may get tired of running their site and let it expire when the domain registration runs out. Or they may forget to pay for their site’s hosting, and the server goes down.

Or they may let the link stay for years. Completely depends on the person/business you are dealing with.

TOP 10 Backlink Sources

10. you can create a list of interest from links.

9. you can create a presentation then place a link going back to you.

8. for this, there are a TON of others you can use as well.

7. you can create a slideshow that has a clickable link in it, sending the juice to your website.

6. deviantart to upload a bit of Art then do what you need to do to get that power.

5. BitBucket

4. and this beast has a DA of 86!

3. Dropshots.

2. Splashthat is one I’m using right now and it has a DA of 67.

  1. one of my favourite sites to get a branded or generic backlink from.