Search Engine Optimization Techniques Tutorial


If a website will has Good onsite seo optimization than it will be very faster to
getting seo result. Basically for on-page optimization you have something
knowledge of HTML, website designing and development. Below is given
how to do the onsite optimization:-

MetaTitle Tag – Good Title is very important part of a page. Title
should be unique descriptive but not too longer. Not more than 70

Meta Description Tag – Description tag define page description, use
unique and page relevant description. It will show in the search
result. Not more than 200 Character

Meta Keywords Tag – Choose good and high quality keywords that’s
target your business. Try to choose low and medium completion
keywords. You can select keywords through Google Keywords Tool.

Image Optimization – Use Alt Tag for Images.

H1 Tags – Use H1, H2, H3 Tags

URL Optimization – Use keywords in the in urls, like if you are
promoting “SEARCH ENGINE HOME” keyword than url should be
Example: –

Good: –
It’s a good way to creating urls.

Content – Write unique and relevant content according the page.
Keyword density and quality of content is very important part for

Broken Link – Remove that page completely that is not on web page
showing not found.

Sitemap – Create a Good XML Sitemap.

Robots File – Use robots.txt file wisely. Robots.txt file use for restrict
the pages crawl on search engine.