Why Should You Register A Domain Name?


A domain name will give you a unique identity on the Internet. In some ways, a domain name is similar to a customized license plate. Many organizations and individuals find it useful to have an email address or URL that is similar to their company name or to their company product(s).

A domain name allows you the ability to receive email at a customized email address. If your organization’s name is For Example, Inc., you could register the domain name FOREXAMPLE.COM and have your email address as user@forexample.com. Your customer could also be able to access your organization’s website by visiting “www.forexample.com” with their Web browser.

Domain Names are being registered at the rate of over 1,50,00,000 per month; this is an increase from less than 15,000 in total for all of 1993. Some experts say that soon the entire English dictionary will be registered as individual domain names. If you do not reserve your name (or a variation of your name) NOW, chances are very high that someone else will register your choice in the very near future.